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A lovely dark brown with subtle honey highlights.

cap size: 8 x 8".

The hair is naturally straight.

Length: 16" (measured from the centre line).

Silky soft Brazilian hair.

Silk base allowing you to place the parting wherever you want, perfectly imitating the scalp.

6 clip combs and one comb.

Density 130%. Realistic and natural density with good coverage.


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A topper is a partial hair prosthesis that is attached to the top of the head with clips. It adds volume and density to the hair. The topper blends into your hair for a natural and completely undetectable result. It is easy to position and convenient to use on a daily basis.

To visualize how to position a topper, do not hesitate to consult this video:

How to place your hair topper

There are also many other videos to help you along the way on the Comme un diadème YouTube channel and Blog. These videos and articles provide a lot of information on products, mistakes to avoid, tutorials etc.

The Instagram page of Comme un diadème will allow you to appreciate the natural and undetectable look of the hair toppers on many clients.

Comme un diadème does not have a shop. However, you are not alone with your purchase. Before you place your order, you can contact us via the support form to receive personal guidance. You can also send us a private message on the social networks Facebook and Instagram. We will help you choose your cap size. But also to identify the colour closest to your hair among our references. It is also possible to send a strand of your hair for direct comparison to the different references. Upon receipt, you can also contact us directly so that we can help you position it properly.

If the product does not suit you, you can of course return it in accordance with the Return Policy.

Going for a hair topper is not always an easy step. It is often a delicate step that requires you to be well informed and accompanied throughout the process. Comme un diadème is personally committed to accompanying you through the process.

11 reviews for Katie - 8 x 8" - 16"

  1. Océane G. (confirmed customer) -

    A superb topper that I am more than happy with, super soft to the touch, easy to detangle and with a very beautiful dark brown colour all in shades, for a super natural result on me (absolutely undetectable I am really reassured).
    Laure was available and responsive, she advised me well on the choice of the colour that best suited me. Don't hesitate to contact her directly if you have any doubts about the colour!

    • diademe-admin -

      Thank you Océane for your very positive feedback on the topper and more generally on Comme un diadème 😉

  2. Manon D (confirmed customer) -

    I am also very happy with this model. The colour is beautiful, the length is ideal, the hair is soft. No discomfort felt at the clips. A big thank you to Laure for her responsiveness, her advice and especially for having opened this website.

    • diademe-admin -

      Thank you Manon for your positive feedback! I'm glad you like your topper!

  3. Nanou (confirmed customer) -

    Thank you for your advice, your speed of delivery, and especially for having opened the website, I agree with Manon! It's not easy to lose your hair, you feel like you're losing your femininity. I followed you on YouTube and it was a relief to see that solutions existed. This topper is absolutely sublime, I'm thrilled! I feel like I've gained 10 years! Very natural, really amazing! It's so nice to have nice, soft, shiny hair... and it's good for my self-confidence! Thank you Laure, I hope you will continue to provide us with these wonderful articles! Good luck and see you next time 😉

    • diademe-admin -

      Thank you for your positive feedback. I'm really glad you like your topper 😉

  4. Leslie (confirmed customer) -

    I wore this topper to my wedding in early August and it was wonderful! It blended in perfectly with my hair and gave me a density/mass of hair I wouldn't have dreamed of. And so soft! It's great that despite the very hot weather, I completely forgot I was wearing it. I had forgotten that hair can be hot, so I tied it up during the afternoon, and there again, what a joy: a few rubber bands and off I went! A nice braided effect, where my real hair and the topper's hair blend in an unbelievable way. Thanks again to Laure who took the time to advise me so that my topper would be perfect for this very important day for me.

  5. Célia Poirier-Meurice (confirmed customer) -

    I am very happy with this topper. The colour is very nice and subtle. The colour is beautiful and subtle. Laure was very helpful and available to answer my questions. The shipment was very fast. Ordered Monday evening, received Wednesday lunchtime 👌 Many thanks!

  6. Sab_issap (confirmed customer) -

    I just went to a wigmaker for a custom haircut and he was amazed at the quality of the topper!

    Thank you very much for everything Laure, your advice, your kindness and your positive attitude!

    • diademe-admin -

      Thank you for your positive feedback!

  7. sara -

    Super topper! The quality is incredible, the hair is soft and silky! The colour is very nice, with light highlights that give the topper an original touch. The application is super easy...I got it right the first time after watching all of Laure's videos on Youtube while waiting to receive the topper. Once on my head it goes unnoticed, I have never had so much mass...very moved in front of the mirror and at the same time very excited to finally put my hand in a real mass of hair. The shipment is very fast and the topper arrives in a very nice pouch. Thanks to Laure for all the advice she gave me on Instagram and especially thanks for the availability! And a big thank you to you for opening this website! I'm really glad I took the plunge and bought this topper.

  8. Alexia (confirmed customer) -

    A new life beginning with this beautiful volumateur😍 a life full of confidence and fulfillment! And a life full of beautiful photos with all those I love, because now I dare and I even find myself pretty!
    Thank you very much to Laure who, with her patience and humor, has always answered me, advised me with understanding and kindness.
    Long life to "like a diadem"! In any case, I'm already looking for the next one! An addict in the making 😉😉

  9. Sab_issap (confirmed customer) -

    Back on the website after 6 months of living together with my wonderful Katie!
    I use it extensively, I wear it to work, I do physical work and my topper doesn't move! The quality is still the same, the naturalness is there as no one has told me anything except that I have beautiful hair!
    I don't regret this investment at all, on the contrary!
    I haven't found THE hairdresser to do what I really want to do with my hair but I'll find him eventually! (Clermont-Ferrand?)
    I'm really pleased! Thank you for everything Laure and I look forward to ordering from your lovely shop again!

    • diademe-admin -

      Thank you for your positive feedback after 6 months. It's very important for Comme un diadème to get feedback from customers after several months of use.
      The Katie is also a really beautiful model!

  10. Chansseaume Rose -

    I have been wearing my wonderful topper for over 8 months now and it is as soft and silky as the first day with the same warm highlights. My hairdresser was very impressed with both the quality and colour of the hair and the design of the topper itself. In short, I finally look pretty when I wear it and I have nothing but compliments on my hair, I absolutely do not regret my purchase and I am happy with the advice of Laure who is really very attentive to her clients, a very nice meeting, thank you Laure ❤

    • diademe-admin -

      Thank you Rose for your very positive feedback. I'm really glad you still like your topper so much and feel beautiful with it 😘😘😘

  11. Anne-Lise (confirmed customer) -

    We can only give top marks to the beautiful pieces proposed by Laure. I completely agree with all the reviews posted.
    I already have a Chicago topper in 7 x 7" which I love.
    But personally, I clearly prefer the 8 x 8" capes for their comfort!

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At Comme un diadème, you will receive personal support. You can send any questions you may have to [email protected] via the contact form. In addition, you can send photos of your hair (or alopecia) via the support form so that we can advise you on the colour, basic size or length of the hair topper/wig.

Comme un diadème does not have a shop or business premises, it is only an e-commerce website. However, you are not alone in your purchase and you can be advised on colour, base size and length based on your photos by sending them via the support form. After ordering the topper, you can then try it on at home and send it back if it doesn't suit you, respecting the 14-day withdrawal period.

French Social Security does not reimburse hair prostheses made of natural hair that cost more than 700 euros.

Payment in 4 instalments without charge is possible via PayPal.

All out-of-stock models are restocked on a regular basis. However, it is not possible to give a precise restocking time for each model. If you are interested in a particular model, we advise you to subscribe to the out-of-stock alerts in order to receive an e-mail as soon as the product is available again on the website.

Orders are delivered within 10 days in France, Belgium and Switzerland. For international orders, delivery times may be slightly longer.

You must exercise your right of withdrawal via the withdrawal form. After returning the product, you will be reimbursed within 10 days after receipt in the premises of Comme un diadème.

Custom orders are possible at Comme un diadème. Please feel free to request this via the support form.
We use natural Brazilian "Remy" hair. The term "Remy" means that the hair and the cuticles of the strand are oriented in the same direction on the hair topper. This is in contrast to non-Rémy hair, which is assembled loosely. They are therefore more prone to tangling and damage.

You should choose the cap size of the topper according to the extent of your alopecia and the density of hair you wish to acquire. It is preferable that the clips are not attached in the area of alopecia where the scalp can be quite sensitive. In addition, extensive alopecia will require the addition of a high density of hair to compensate for the initial low density.

For extensive alopecia, we recommend 18 × 18 cm or 20×20 cm bases. These bases will provide real coverage, density and comfort of use. Larger base sizes are available for very large alopecia.

The smaller bases (15×15 cm) will give a little less density to the hair. But they will allow you to tie your hair in a high ponytail more easily.

To determine your wig size, please refer to the table below.

wig size chart

We offer hair toppers with a density between 120 and 130%. This density is considered standard by international retailers.

The hair is straight. Except where it is stated in the product title and description that the model is naturally wavy or curly.

The life span of a topper will partly depend on how well it is cared for. The typical life span is between one and two years. To increase the life of your topper, you should not wash it too frequently.

The topper should be brushed out carefully after wearing. It is convenient to place it on a wig head. This way, the hair does not get a bad fold before the next use.

Hair should not be washed too frequently. Every 4 weeks or more is a good rhythm. Clips should be closed before washing the hair and the hair should be detangled before and after washing. You can use a mild shampoo for coloured hair followed by a conditioner. Orchid oil shampoo and Brazilian keratin conditioner have proven to be very effective!

Every 4 shampoos you can apply Silicon Mix, available on Amazon. This will restore your hair to its original shine.

In case of dry hair ends, we recommend adding a little argan oil to moisturize the fiber hair.

Natural hair can be heated, straightened and curled without any problem. However, as with your own hair, you should not overdo it to avoid damaging the fiber hair.

The cork wig head and its display stand are essential for easy drying and styling of the hair topper's hair. The T-pin will allow you to attach the hair topper to the cork wig head before blow drying or curling the hair.
Hair topper hair has usually undergone complex bleaching and colouring processes before achieving its final colour. This hair has therefore been sensitised. It may react in an unexpected way to a colouring or bleaching process. It is usually possible to darken a hair topper. However, it is not recommended to bleach it as this may alter the hair. Therefore, when in doubt between two shades as to which hair colour to choose, it is best to choose the lighter shade of hair. In any case, it is important to have the hair topper coloured or bleached by a professional colourist who is used to working with this type of hair. Hair toppers like a tiara are sold uncut. Therefore, at first try, the hair topper may not seem to fit your face and/or hairstyle. However, a rough piece needs to be made to fit you completely. We therefore recommend that, if the basic colour, length and size are suitable for you, you have the hair topper cut by a hairdresser so that it can blend in completely naturally with your own hair.


Choosing a hair topper or a wig from a distance is not always easy. However, with Comme un diadème, you have the possibility to be accompanied in your approach and to benefit from a personalized accompaniment.

Indeed, if you would like advice on the colour, the cap size, the length of your hair complement or even more general advice on the type of product most appropriate for your alopecia, you can send us below 3 photos of your hair/alopecia in daylight and we will advise you.

Click or drag files in this area to upload them. You can upload up to 3 files.

It is also possible to send a lock of your hair for direct comparison with the various Comme un diadème references, by mail, to the following address:
Comme un diadème S.A.S.
49 avenue Charles de Gaulle
30470 Aimargues

A reply will be sent within 5 working days.

Customised order

Are you interested in a model that is not available in the Comme un diadème catalogue?

At Comme un diadème, custom orders of out-of-stock products are possible.

It is important to note that custom orders are not eligible for return as they are made at the customer's specific request. In addition, lead times can be long for this type of order (approximately 3 months).

Comme un diadème asks that you only request a quote if you are really interested in the product and the terms of a personalised order so as not to overload the suppliers with requests that would not be successful. Thank you for your understanding.

If you are interested in a personalised order:

After your request for a personalised order, a quote will be sent to you within 10 days. This quotation will be valid for 3 weeks after receipt, as suppliers' prices tend to change over time. After your agreement, a product sheet will be created specifically for you. Following your payment, the product will be ordered directly from the suppliers. It will be sent to you upon receipt at Comme un diadème.

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